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Emergency Dentistry

For anyone experiencing a toothache and needing good relief, our emergency dentists can provide urgent care. A team of down-to-earth, friendly and well-experienced dentists, immediate treatment, affordable checkup and treatment costs & full disclosure of total costs, out-of-pocket expenses before treatment begins.

If you are unable to talk, you can message us or email us and will reply as soon as possible.

Emergency dental service, no registration required, same day dentist, same day appointments, we welcome nervous patients and our dentist is experienced in treating both kids & adults.

Dental Emergency (Connect With Us)

Pain or swelling of your gum, cheek or face which is spreading. And the swelling is spreading down your neck or along the floor of your mouth, you must immediately ensure you mention it to our dentists when you contact the practice.

Pain is causing a lack of sleep or concentration throughout the day or night. Internal mouth ulcers which haven’t healed after two weeks or more. Previously or a week before had a tooth extraction and are experiencing bleeding which lasts more than 15 minutes and can’t be stopped by biting down hard into a handkerchief, cotton gauze or cotton balls. If the pain is getting worse & when you can’t handle it anymore. A cracked or damaged tooth is causing pain and damage to your cheek or tongue that you haven’t been able to manage with yourself. Knocked-out a tooth. Controlled bleeding due to facial trauma.


Accident & Emergency for Dental Problems (Contact us as soon as possible)

Swelling at your face affects your vision, breathing and also affects your ability to swallow or prevents you from opening your mouth more than two fingers wide.

If you face loss of consciousness, double vision, or vomiting.

Bleeding from your mouth comes rapidly and out of control.

Frequently Asked Questions

We adhere to all the latest government regulations advice and guidelines regarding equipment, cross-infection and decontamination. All our equipment is properly serviced and maintained and our staff receives regular training to make sure we are completely up to speed. We make sure your safety is taken very seriously!

The problem is it doesn’t necessarily follow that not having any pain, means you don’t have any dental problems. Tooth decay and gum disease need to be well advanced before they cause pain. By the time they cause pain treatment becomes more difficult more expensive and time-consuming and the outcomes are less predictable. At our checkups, we will check your teeth and gums very carefully and advise you of any potential problems. We also check for mouth cancer. If your teeth and gums are completely healthy, we will give you advice on how to keep them that way. We may also recommend you increase the interval between check-ups to a year if you are spectacularly good!

Bad breath is most commonly caused by the smelly gases produced by the bacteria coating your teeth and gums. Food debris trapped in between the teeth can also start to decompose and cause a very unpleasant odor. So effective and regular tooth brushing and cleaning in between your teeth with dental tape or interdentally brushes and cleaning your tongue is crucial to keep your breath fresh.

Strong foods like garlic coffee and onions and smoking of course add to the problem, as can having a dry mouth caused by certain medical conditions and some prescribed drugs and mouth breathing. Artificial saliva products may help.

Infections in the throat nose lungs or sinuses and liver or kidney problems may also cause bad breath. If we can’t find a dental cause for your problem we may refer you to your doctor.

Sensitive teeth are usually triggered with cold food (ice cream) or drinks, or touch (toothbrush or fingernail) or sweet foods (chocolate). The pain is severe but only lasts for a few seconds. If you get pain that lasts longer than this and is triggered with hot things more than cold you have a toothache, not sensitivity!
Sensitivity can be caused by exposing the more sensitive dentine on your teeth either by brushing too hard or drinking /eating too many acidic foods, fizzy drinks, white wine, fruit juice. The solution is to limit or expose your teeth to acid attack, clean with an electric toothbrush and use toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Use the toothpaste as an ointment… rub it into the sensitive areas and leave it there.

If you find no improvement come and see us!

Please call us immediately on (08 9339 8008) as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to help you. The earlier in the day that you ring, the more likely you are to be seen that same day and at a time that suits you best. If the practice is closed and you cannot wait until opening time, please call us and listen to the answer phone message which will give you instructions on accessing our out of hours emergency service.

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